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Hands-On Arts Jan/Feb 2020 Newsletter

Jennifer Lynch

               January/February 2020 Issue

        Hands-On Arts                     Newsletter


January Thank You and February Featured Product


Thank you to all who have supported us in the past year.  We could not continue to be successful without all of you!  Remember, by supporting small business, you support big dreams!!

February Featured Product:

Smiley Face Emoji with Heart Eyes Cup Cozy

Choose from: Pink eyes (SKU 17-001) or red eyes (SKU 17-002)

Felt cup cozy, great to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. Perfect for that coffee or tea loving friend.

Hand Washing Instructions for Felt:
- dry brush any loose dirt off of the felt
- fill the sink with cool water
- soak the felt item in the water for a few min., then gently squeeze the water out of it, be careful not to rub or twist the material
- repeat the process of soaking and squeezing the water out until the item is clean
- lay the felt piece on a towel and allow to air dry
* you can add a few drops of real lemon juice to the water when hand washing (lemons have antibacterial and antiseptic properties & act as natural deodorizers)


Monthly Birthdays

Famous Artist's Birthdays
for the Month of January

Jan. 19, 1839 - Paul Cezanne (French Artist & Post-Impressionist Painter)
Jan.28, 1912 - Jackson Pollock (Abstract Expressionist Painter)

Famous Artist's Birthdays
for the Month of February

Feb. 3, 1894 - Norman Rockwell (Painter)
Feb. 12, 1923 - Knox Martin (Sculptor)


February is American Heart Health Month

Feb. 2 - Groundhog Day
Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day
Feb. 17 - President's Day

Next Month:  March Good Luck Issue

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