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How-To Shamrock Painting

Jennifer Lynch Step-By-Step Projects

Step 1 - select image to be used (I printed a shamrock from clip art) and pretreat canvas (if that's what you're using - you can also use a fabric such as a t-shirt)

Step 2 - once canvas has dried (I did 2 coats of white to make sure the canvas was completely covered), place cutout image where you want it to be on the canvas (I used tape on the back of my image to keep it in place)

Step 3 - select paint (I used 2 colors of green, but you can customize it to the image you are using)

Step 4 - using a small round paint dobber (or unused pencil eraser), dip into the color you would like to use and dob around image (I used a darker color to outline the image and the edge of the canvas) - once you are satisfied with the design and color, let it dry - then repeat with any other color you would like (I have also seen this technique used to do an ombre effect, which looks amazing)

Step 5 - Once dry, I wanted to add a little bit more to my image, so using a paint marker, I went around the outer edge and wrote the saying "Luck of the Irish" and added smaller shamrocks - let it dry, touch up any areas you think need it

Then WaLa, it's done!  Great Job!  You can customize this simple project for any season!

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