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Rose Cup Cozy

Rose Cup Cozy

$ 14.95 $ 15.00

Rose Cup Cozy

Choose from: Pink with red stitching (SKU 16-154) or red with pink stitching (SKU 16-155)

Felt cup cozy, great to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. Perfect for that coffee or tea loving friend.

Hand Washing Instructions for Felt:
- dry brush any loose dirt off of the felt
- fill the sink with cool water
- soak the felt item in the water for a few min., then gently squeeze the water out of it, be careful not to rub or twist the material
- repeat the process of soaking and squeezing the water out until the item is clean
- lay the felt piece on a towel and allow to air dry
* you can add a few drops of real lemon juice to the water when hand washing (lemons have antibacterial and antiseptic properties & act as natural deodorizers)

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